Bingo on a Budget

Budget Bingo: A Look at the Numbers

Everyone enjoys a good deal, a good bargain, getting something for free, or receiving a discount. By contrast, fewer of us are comfortable admitting that we are on a limited budget, and despite the fact that a particularly well-known car rental company uses the phrase in its brand name, the phrase itself does not inspire confidence. After all, we are living in an age and society characterized by striving (even if that aspiration is usually misguided and focussed on achieving less than amazing levels of notoriety- see also: celebrity culture).

With this in mind, you would expect the guys behind Budget Bingo to have a very fantastic offering on their website in order to attempt to counteract the bad connotations. As for the URL itself, when it initially comes up to expose itself in all of its magnificence, first impressions are fairly ordinary, especially given what we had previously said we were expecting. Note that this does not necessarily imply that they are bad; rather, it implies that what is shown does not seem to be something especially noteworthy or noteworthy.

The Deals are Revealed by the Ticker

The homepage itself is dominated by a ticker graphic that displays all of the fantastic discounts and bargains that are available to you as soon as you join up with the site. The one positive aspect of this is that the ticker really ticks — as in, it updates the message every few of seconds – rather than just blinking. For its own sake, this is preferable than a large number of websites of this kind, which plainly have a ticker feature but couldn’t be bothered to actually configure the utility so that it functions effectively. In spite of this, the choice to employ just heavy font lettering – and not a very appealing font at that – on a basic black backdrop isn’t exactly turning heads.

Below this, you’ll find a slew of thumbnails, each of which reveals a different slot game that is now accessible to play. The producers have made at least some attempt to demonstrate the idea that Budget Bingo, despite its name, is about much more than simply bingo. This is another good to take away from the experience. The number of games on display isn’t very large, but it’s possible that this is just a matter of displaying us a tiny piece of what’s available farther down the site’s navigational hierarchy and hierarchy. We’ll see how things turn out as the review progresses.

In the last area of the webpage, you’ll find information on the Bingo Schedule. Again, the site receives points for making it clear what form of bingo is being offered, as well as for providing us with an estimate of the number of games that are now in play. More importantly, it’s beneficial to know how much total prize money is up for grabs, as well as what the entry fee is. You should also be able to see if the game has began before you jump in; there’s little use in entering a game that’s almost finished; however, it would be preferable if they showed you when the game has begun to actually prevent falling into that trap in the first place.

Mad as a Bingo-ing maniac

When you choose the Bingo option from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, a much better picture of what’s on offer emerges. First and foremost, there is a preset range of games known as Jackpots, which are featured in the table that takes up the most of the website. Following that, you may narrow the possibilities down to 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, 50-ball, and 30-ball games, among others. The number of game types available is a good selection – we’ve seen many bingo sites in the past that were limited to only two or three different types of bingo games, which to us doesn’t exactly scream out “expert bingo site for expert players,” but rather “half-cocked attempt to get some people to play bingo.” As a result, Budget Bingo’s product offering is far from being a bargain, and is more in line with some of the more complete packages we have seen in the past.

Slots and Other Miscellaneous Items

We already know that there are some slot games to try your hand at after you become a member of the site, but the only way to really get your mind around how broad this part may be is to click on the ‘Slots’ option on the top navigation bar of the website. Fortunately, this pulls up many, many more sorts of slots than were promised on the site, indicating that our original estimates were true — the slots presented on the landing screen were just a small portion of the total available. There are some fantastic games to play as well, of a considerably better grade than many other bingo sites seem to have signed up for, and there is surely plenty to keep you going back for more time and time again.

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